Camp Training Programs

"I brought my English Bulldog to see Ruth. He had no manners--a very stubborn boy with a mind of his own. I enrolled him in Ruth's board and train and she worked miracles! In one month, he was a perfectly trained, obedient dog! Ruth is a serious trainer who understands and loves dogs. She trains by gaining respect not by building fear--a philosophy I was hard-pressed to find elsewhere."    

--Jessica Weiner, owner of "Bus"

Puppy Camp

This ten-day board and train program covers all the basics, including housebreaking, socialization, manners, and introductory obedience exercises. A customized training manual and follow-up session are included. Puppies must be under five months of age.

Tuition    550

"I never expected to get a potty trained puppy in 12 days but what you did for Mimi and our family was much more than that. When she came home I had a puppy that no longer fought the crate and she was on a schedule. As long a I stayed on the schedule she did great....

Thank you for all your help. You really were involved with our family during a time of great stress. You were a pro dealing with our particular dynamics and calming this freaked out owner.

You and your service is great and I just wanted to let you know."

--Karen Tanboor


Behavior Boot Camp

This seven-day behavior modification program focuses on eradicating unwanted behaviors, instilling great leash manners, and teaching your dog to be attentive and responsive through training that is fun, fair and effective.  Eliminate frustration and enjoy a closer bond with your dog.  Training is focused to meet your goals and designed to fit your dog's individual history and temperament.  A private lesson and customized training manual are included.  Dogs must be at least four months of age.

Tuition   975

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Full Obedience Training

Your dog is expertly guided through an intensive three week program of exercise, socialization and formal obedience.  Our total immersion system is designed to promote physical health as well as increased attentiveness and mental stability.  Training is specially tailored to suit your dog's individual history and temperament.  Skills include prompt and reliable responses to the commands to sit, heel, come, stay and down.   A customized training manual and two private lessons are included.  Dogs must be at least five months of age.

Tuition  1975

"I admit I was somewhat skeptical that three weeks of training would produce results in our Mini Pinscher Ernie.  If you know any Min Pins, you know they are incredibly hyper wiyth zero attention span.  The day we picked up Ernie I was totally blown away. He was toned, his coat never looked better, and he showed off his new skills to heel, sit, stay, lie down and even remain calm around other dogs on the street.  My first thought was to check the microchip we put in him as a puppy to make sure this was the same dog.

The daunting task of taking Ernie for a walk is now a pleasure.  He has not had a single accident in the house since we brought him home, and he seems truly happier and far more at ease.  See Spot Run was truly the best investment I could ever have made for my dog."  

--Dave Gelfand, Chicago



Premium Training Program

If you are interested in profoundly and permanently enhancing the relationship and life-style you share with your dog, invest in training that will last your dog's lifetime.  Whether you simply want to ensure that your perfect puppy matures into a perfectly obedient companion, or want to once-and-for-all address difficult or long-standing behavior problems, this unique program provides solutions that are gentle and guaranteed effective.  Skills include off-leash reliability (in addition to great manners on leash, of course).  Your dog is delivered home happy and well-trained after two weeks, and you are personally coached in your home through the steps of maintaining his obedience for life.  A customized training manual, custom training equipment and lifetime training support are included.                                              

Tuition  2725

Lola demonstrates her good manners at a Memorial day barbeque she attended with her trainer's familly the day before graduating from See Spot Run's Premium Training Program.  Lola remained calm and attentive throughout the afternoon, sitting politely for petting, ignoring unattended plates of food, and never wandering out of view. 

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