Behavior Evaluation

An in-person behavior evaluation with a trainer will provide you and your dog with options for overcoming behavior issues and achieving your training goals. Evaluation fee may be counted toward further instruction.

Half-hour Consultation  Free

In-Depth Consultation


An in-depth training and/or behavior consultation is ideal for addressing complicated or long-standing issues, such as aggression toward other pets or family members.  Demonstrations and/or written protocols are included when appropriate.  Please call for in-home consultation rates.

In-depth Consultation (90 min.)  75.


"We could tell from the consultation that Ruth was the trainer for us.  Within minutes, Serious Lee was walking beside her on leash.  With a little instruction, we were walking her, too!  The first time in a year.  Loving but firm, she gets the job done...now I walk her with confidence."  --Lynn Danielson, Chicago

Behavior Evaluation Formn Form


               Buster looking up to Ruth

         following his behavior evaluation

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